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Customised Development Programmes & Courses


Leading a great team is an exciting and dynamic experience, where motivated team members encourage and support each other and performance far exceeds the contributions of the individuals.…but they rarely come about by accident.

Leaders who understand what makes a great team and how to get there are essential to creating the right conditions for world-class performance, especially in challenging circumstances.

In this interactive and engaging masterclass, you’ll develop knowledge and capabilities in team development, based around well-established theory and models as well as our own industry experiences, putting into practice what you learn as you go along through thought-provoking practical challenges and group interaction.

You’ll learn about team development, team member roles and team dynamics as well as communication skills, trust and agreeing a clear vision that the team are committed to achieving. You’ll also discover how powerful your thinking is in getting the best out of yourself and your team, and how to use this to drive great performance.



Our Leadership programmes are different. We help you understand what makes you ‘tick’ before helping you understand, develop, and practice skills on others. In a highly engaging workshop or masterclass we can help current leaders – whatever their level in an organisation or team – as well as those making their first steps in leadership. We inspire you to want to be the ‘best you can’, and you will be working with our team – all of whom have extensive experience in practice. We would love to understand what your aspiration or challenges are, then we will work with you do develop an approach for you – from executive coaching, workshops, face-to-face learning, coaching, and through our digital programmes. We have worked with large Blue Chip organisations in the UK and overseas, SME’s in UK and Europe, and with individuals and teams in the ‘non-industrial’ sector to help them unlock their potential, all of whom have been delighted with the results in their business, team or individual performance.



In the words of Dwight D Eisenhower “… planning is everything”. Planning, and not the plan itself, is where the true value exists. Whether you are planning for the delivery of an annual service plan in local government, planning to win a sporting event, delivering a project, or even planning a holiday – we can help you engage you and your team in applying a really straightforward set of principles to ensure a ‘great plan’. Spending time with the people who will benefit from and be affected by the plan will unlock huge potential and, by listening to those who ‘hold the knowledge’ are the steps often missed … and often result in a disappointing result. The way the team interact, and the culture of the environment are significant influencers of the quality of the planning … and in turn the degree of success – our behaviour centred approach will help you to ‘Think Planning Better’.



We work with teams to help them develop the problem solving ‘habit’. Effective problem solving is far more than the application of a ‘toolkit’. The critical element is creating a habit of ‘Go Look See’ – find out what is actually happening, and then develop a habit of ‘not jumping to solutions’. G K Chesterton was quoted to say, “it’s not that they can’t see the solution, it’s that they can’t see the problem”. We take the approach of understanding how we behave in a team or group, how to listen to each other, how to resolve differences of view, and how to enable ‘un-blinkered’ thinking, before showing you how to apply the relevant toolkit to resolve the issues. You may even have existing tools and processes, but people just don’t ‘follow the process’ – we can help you whatever your starting point.