The innate ability to make things better


Thinking It Better is a mindset and skillset we find teams need to reawaken. We are entering a period of rapid change. Teams need to become highly flexible. Building resilience then working towards brilliance will come from thinking about the new business environment differently.

The innate ability to adapt to new challenges

Humans have been walking our world for 80,000 years. We have evolved a very clever set of survival techniques which have allowed us to eat better, control our health, travel further, even fly. Achievements accomplished because we have a large brain. We learned to think about an issue and collectively we found great solutions. Let’s go back to a time when humans opened the ability to be able to digest a wider variety of food. A skill that meant survival even in the harshest environment.

Find a better way

In an unrecorded incident many thousands of years ago a forest fire overcame and cremated an unfortunate wild animal. One enterprising, probably starving human desperate for food discovered the smouldering carcase. They picked at the now cooked meat. It was easy to eat, soft to chew and released energy quickly. Thinking it Better humans probably gradually realised they could use fire to make many previously indigestible foods into a means of sustenance. The issue was how to make fire whenever they needed it. They found many solutions over the proceeding years. Friction, sparks, and different fuels all added to our ability to eat better to survive.

This Think it Better Blog celebrates the continuing exploration to find better ways to achieve our goals. We all have this innate ability all we need to do is reignite it’s use.

Does it have to be like this?

When there is something you know could be improved, will you simply accept the situation? When a team knows they could be doing better why can’t put their finger on how to turn things around? If you’ve ever in exasperation looked to the sky and uttered the words, ‘does it have to be like this?’ in frustration. Then maybe the inspiration in this blog might help you.

You, your team, your organisation, your family and your community have 80,000 years of thinking to draw upon. We will give you examples of people, teams, leaders, products, places and processes where thinking helped create improvement.

Think it Better started out of frustration. We all worked in organisations, some of us on the shop floor, others leading teams but all of us with the same desire. We knew in our heart of hearts we could perform better, all we had to do was find the way. All around us were inspirational stories where this had happened for others. The solution was ours to find, after all we knew our jobs and business well. We just needed a process to follow and permission to act. Think it Better is that process. Let this blog be your inspiration.


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