Client in the building consumables industry.

“We have never had any kind of training like this before.”

In the past we have been on training courses where we have been taught the ‘what to do’  but this was different. The atmosphere in the room was very open and dare I say entertaining. We wanted to know how to solve problems, but to our surprise we spent most of the time talking about and understanding behaviours and talking about hedgehogs! (The hedgehog was used to help us understand how our habits were critical …).

Once we started to understand how our role in leading problem solving was critical, we then went on to understand the ‘how to’ of problem solving.

The second key messages for us was to ‘Go – Explore – and Act’, and this involved leaving the classroom behind and being coached to ‘Explore’ our own processes and work areas to see what was really happening.

Following on from the training itself, Thinkingitbetter were back on site every couple of weeks to ‘Go –  Explore – and Act’ with us, gently coaching and nudging us in the right direction.

The results were significant – not only did we see a measurable reduction in customer issues, but we were actually working better together as a leadership team than we ever have before, with a common language, and making problem solving our new ‘hedgehog habit’

Create a greenfield project

Greenfield Project set up with Suzanne Young, TiB AssociateEstablished projects are significantly less relevant. More often, some of us are staring at a blank sheet of paper; The desired outcome may be similar, but we need to create a ‘Greenfield project’ to deliver service to customers.TiB’s Suzanne Young [...]


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