Head of Product Development

Stewart has recently joined the team and is passionate about simplifying the theory and provide real and contextual coaching to businesses, teams and practitioners.

Stewart has an accumulated 39 years of working within the aerospace industry. His career has seen him spend 23 years service with the Royal Air Force leading teams around the world.  His achievements on service investigations and product introduction were formally recognised through senior military commendations.  Stewart was recruited by Rolls-Royce and went on to lead Engineering Programmes on world beating products.  Stewart left Rolls-Royce after 16 years as Global Chief of the Rolls-Royce Product Development System; pioneering new ways of working, thinking and behaving.  Additionally he uses his knowledge and experience to specialise in practical project management,  product development, integrated project team operating models, organisation design, Advanced  Product Quality Planning (APQP) and people development.

Stewart’s time in the Royal Air Force (RAF) was a major part of his life, it was not just his career, it has shaped him.  The diversity of jobs (ranging from managing a bar for two weeks, leading Ghurkas on armed patrol, managing a fleet of Harrier Jump Jets on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier, setting maintenance policies for Red Arrow engines, to managing great teams and delivering challenging projects)  carried out in UK, Germany & the USA has provided Stewart with tremendous breadth and grounding and a passion to see past the theory and provide contextual and meaningful coaching to practitioners.  His experience and reputation led him to be selected for a prestigious industry embedded RAF Project Team before joining Rolls-Royce in 2002. After leading a number of complex geographically dispersed projects, Stewart became one of the few pioneers of the Rolls-Royce Product Development System.  He used his experience and knowledge and led the definition of the operating model for Integrated Project Teams, its associated training/coaching programme and a toolset of artefacts used by practitioners globally. He also played a significant role in organisation design and establishing Product Development standards. Additionally Stewart has drafted white papers on Product Development subjects such as organisation principles, people elements and process and tool integration.