Thinking it Better is at the heart of everything we do.

Finding better ways to help of current and future clients is our passion.

We have thought long and hard to create better ways of doing business.

Now is the time to offer new ways of working, project management, and project planning as organizations change the way they work.

In a fast changing world we intend to move faster to help our customers achieve …

This means we always need to make sure we are changing faster than the world around us. This informs everything.

We ask the question: in our unprecedented times how are you going to survive it?

How are industries, commerce, services, organizations large and small, not only going to survive but grow?

Resilience to brilliance is THE big challenge of our time.

Resillience to Brilliance, the new goal in our fast changing world.

That is the one thing we’re all talking about that nobody really knows right now. People are discovering what will be the reality of how we can operate. Not just the physical space, but what’s going to be available. How will we work? How will we communicate? What’s our customer base going to look like? What will our customers want from us? How will we operate? How do we work with that uncertainty?

The whole arena is completely changing. It’s not all fully thought out yet. What is certain is that the 2019 ways of operating have gone, but the replacement has yet to arrive.

Business support is also changing

When you recognize you need help then a business is usually at a point where action is needed NOW. Pre Covid-19 this help would take an age and involve jumping through numerous hoops before anything happened. Too late in a fast-changing world. What could have been saved with a quick intervention of expertise is either lost or has been done lasting damage.

We created Resilience to Brilliance to make business support timely. We have clients who can see they need to do something NOW. Our Resillience to Brilliance subscription means you can draw down on anything we are offering NOW without having to go through all the pain and misery of completing separate POs.

  • We have a warehousing team that are inundated with work. They have fewer staff and don’t have time to think about how they might deal with this new workload. Mistakes are being made which could lose us orders. This has already increased our costs. We need someone in here NOW to make us more effective.
  • Our business needs to restructure to meet the needs of our changing customer demands. This can’t wait. We know where were going but need help to implement new working processes. If we take too long over this, we will rapidly become unprofitable.
  • We’ve had to build a new leadership team. We need a program to get everyone working seamlessly together. Communications are the biggest issue because we have a new reporting structure.
  • The new production track we are creating needs to be up a running asap. As usual we’re being given a list of issues that are simply slowing this process down. We will be fine when it’s all working but time is against us. We need an experienced project manager NOW.

It’s a little bit like the NHS in the UK. You put your money in. Then, when you need help it’s free at the point of need. Specialist help is always available when you need it.

‘Resilience to Brilliance’ builds long term relationships so we know your business, market and leadership team. When the need arises your ‘Thinking it Better’ partner is there for you. They can bring in specialist help or use their skill set to take action immediately

Our response to these uncertain times…
Build a fast response for our clients to enable them to change faster than the world around them.


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