Associate – Programme and Project Management Specialist

We welcome Martin to our expanding team in 2019. He brings with him a significant body of experience and knowledge in Project and Programme Management.

By way of 26 years of industrial experience, Martin is passionately focused on sharing his programme management and leadership skills with our increasingly diverse client base. He has delivered complex, high value projects and programmes across a diverse range of domains. These include gas turbine design and development, change management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and most recently 10 years delivering major building and infrastructure programmes culminating in the leadership of a multi-million pound programme to redevelop the Rolls-Royce Derby campus. His career has given him the opportunity to live and work in Western Europe, North America, Middle East and South America applying his skills cross culturally in the aerospace, defence, marine and energy industries.

Martin considers himself very fortunate to have been able to live and work across a diverse set of both national and industry cultures. His experiences have ranged from working on oil rigs in the Arabian gulf, to supporting air forces in the Canadian Tundra, to delivering cutting edge gas turbine component testing capabilities in central Europe, to delivering ERP systems in the Northern Pacific Rim countries.  Most of these projects have meant working across cultures, languages and time zones. These experiences have bought home to him the importance of clear, honest and unambiguous communication which, in spite of any language challenges, transcend cultures. He resolutely believes that really understanding how different people and cultures “think” results in better delivery and greater satisfaction of all involved. The English language is increasingly becoming “the” international business language. However, speaking to a fluent English speaker from a different culture (even within your own country!) can lead to a false sense of shared understanding.  Martin fervently believes we must take the time to really develop our abilities to understand the way people think.  His enlightening perspective on Programme Management is perfectly aligned to Thinkingitbetter core principles.