Jamie McKain – Profile

Over the last 20 years Jamie has built a reputation for excellence in applying real life project management, leadership and team-building. He is respected by customers, colleagues and professional communities for developing and communicating inspiring visions and delivering successful change with passion and drive. He is recognised for both his personal approach, “a people person with infectious enthusiasm”, as well as excellent facilitation and leadership skills with teams and broad operational business groups. Jamie draws on his experience as a leader of change and is highly effective at coaching and facilitating multi-disciplinary teams.

Jamie has successfully delivered transformation projects for more than 15 years, building a wealth of experience in leading cross-business, cross-functional groups to deliver common goals. Jamie’s programmes have ranged across the product lifecycle, implementing sustainable improvement across engineering, operations and aftermarket activities. Developing a profound understanding of how the different functions in a business need to work together for the good of the overall business.

In his most recent role, Jamie headed up a Programme Management functional group, leading over 350 project, programme, and management professionals. Recently this has been at distance and has primed Jamie to understand many of the current challenges faced by teams working from home.

Jamie’s introduction to how thinking drives personal or business improvement, over 10 years ago, had a profound and lasting impact. Building strong shared thinking and values are the cornerstones to success. “Trusting your teams to deliver due to understanding intent, rather than authority or hierarchy, will inspire them to join you on your transformation journey… and keep them going when you’re gone”.  Jamie’s skills in building rapport, leading teams, and E2E business experience provide the bedrock for business improvement. His experience leading and facilitating globally spread teams has honed his approach to achieving key outcomes through aligning teams thinking and vision.

Jamie works collaboratively to achieve and sustain personal and business goals. Bringing others with you, even on personal goals, is key to keeping you mentally resilient when you have those moments of doubt, ensuring that the change becomes a habit that you can rely on when times are tough.