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In the words of Dwight D Eisenhower “… planning is everything”. Planning, and not the plan itself, is where the true value exists. Whether you are planning for the delivery of an annual service plan in local government, planning to win a sporting event, delivering a project, or even planning a holiday – we can help you engage you and your team in applying really straightforward set of principles to ensure a ‘great plan’. Spending time with the people who will benefit from and be affected by the plan will unlock huge potential and, by listening to those who ‘hold the knowledge’ are the steps often missed … and often result in a disappointing result. The way the team interact, and the culture of the environment are significant influencers of the quality of the planning … and in turn the degree of success – our behaviour centred approach will help you to ‘think plans better’

We have pooled our experiences of planning, projects and people to develop the Thinkingplansbetter transformation programme and provide a ‘credible journey to an incredible plan’

The programme provides a mixture of engaging coaching and fun and interesting exercises to embed the thinking that drives incredible plans.

The programme is modular based and can be experienced on your own or you can share the coaching experience with a group.

Each module defines the ACE thinking that will make your ‘plans’ an      for your business

In between modules, delegates will apply the module        to their own project plan.

As part of this, committed actions plans will be created recorded in your Transformation Academy and you will see the credibility of your plans increase as you progress through the programme.

The seven modules within this programme are:

Module 1. Understanding Plans

Module 2. Thinkingrequirementsbetter

Module 3. Thinkingscopebetter

Module 4. Thinkingteamsbetter

Module 5. Thinkingengagementbetter

Module 6. Thinkingschedulingbetter

Module 7. Lets Make a Difference!

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