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We talked in the last blog about preparing for the Covid-19 restart by finding those work habits we can do without. If you are forensic about this you will find time, become more effective, reduce waste and all projects will become easier. Covid-19 disruption is the pattern break that can make things happen.

What project habits will make your team more consistent?

I choose the word consistent for a reason. It’s always the habit great teams have and aspiring teams need. Let’s take a lesson from top performing athletes

Stephen Seiler a Texann researcher/physiologist, based in Norway studied championship winning cross country skiers to discover what made them the best in the world year after year. The study looked at all their training workouts through the whole of their careers. Nearly all top athletes record all their training data which makes this possible. This study turned the way top athletes train on it’s head. For those interested, the concept of polarized training has been developed from this study.

The most important finding for we business leaders’ centres on the Hierarchy of Training Priorities for Endurance Athletes outlined by Seiller. He identified the most important factor in world class performance was CONSISTENCY. These medal winning athletes trained consistently throughout their careers. (For our athlete readers please note that nearly all their training was at low heart rate. One session per week was a HIIT workout.)

If you want to be the best team, you have to be consistent. Good habits need to be done by the whole team, all the time, with no deviation.

Identify the good habits you all need to do consistently

Here at TiB, we work with teams to help them establish good project and program habits. Let’s take one. We call this habit ‘Go, Explore, Act.’ At it’s very simplest this requires leaders, managers, supervisors to go and explore an element of their project or program. This means actually looking in person at what is going on. Not making assumptions. Not thinking someone else is doing it. Not taking reported information at face value. This means actually observing, asking questions, checking everyone understands and is actually doing what is agreed.

If the standards you have agreed are not being achieved, then take action. Ensure the standards are being achieved consistently, by everyone, every time.

Covid-19 has put what we do under the spotlight. Now is the time for thinking your program better, so when you restart you are better than ever. The habits your team has at the restart want to be the habits which make you effective. Go. Explore and Act.

Our TiB online coaching program works in your team meetings to ensure you develop great habits specific for your program long term. Use it once to make improvements then use it repeatedly to guide all further programs. Try the demo here.

Next time: Use the Covid-19 program restart to identify and clear blockages.


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